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Monday, October 25, 2010

Terran gonna Terr

So, I'm back to The Hammer Falls now. Sure, I should have beaten the Terran missions and probably be half or more of the way through the Zerg by now, but I've been slacking on it. I don't want to rip through the game too fast, so I'm going to make it last. Also, I tend not to play more than one or two missions in a day. I just finished up New Gettysburg the one where (ZOMG spoiler on a 12 year old game, still not gonna say it) happens.

As always I did that thing I love doing on this mission. I built up about 70 siege tanks, a shitload of bunkers full of Marines and a bunch of turrets and successfully repelled the Zerg onslaught at the end. I impressed myself this time, though. I didn't lose one single soldier in the Zerg's attack. I lost a couple of turrets and a bunker got blown up, but no one actually died. That was a new best for me. I always get such a chuckle out of seeing the mass of siege tanks that are set up. It was even funnier the way that every now and then while I was amassing my army they'd send out an ultralisk and the thing was dead before I'd even see it. That's what 40-50 siege tanks trained on the same spot will do I guess.

I'm really looking forward to playing this next mission though. I get to set my base up with turrets out towards the north east with siege tanks just behind them and wait for the enemy to attempt to drop nukes on that spot while I sit back with the scanner hotkeyed to number 5 so I can reveal the ghost and my tanks can kill him, wasting yet another pile of penis gas and minerals. The other side though tends to give me trouble and I hate them for it. Therefore that's always the way I send my attack first. I have yet to decide if I'll go with battle cruisers or siege tanks for my main rush. I may do what I think is the most fun and just drop as many nukes on them as possible. I laugh my ass off whenever I just nuke a base into oblivion and it is just plain silly to use only nukes on offense.

As for now though, I'm going to grab some junk food from the local store and catch up on the UFL game I have in another tab (and then the one I have DVR'd so I can make room for tomorrow's MNF game).


  1. UFL = United Football League. A new pro league in the US which currently has 5 teams, up from four last year and going up to six next year. All of their games are online at They have an on demand page that you can reach from a sidebar on the main page.

    This past weekend was their sixth week of the season. Each team plays two games against each of the other four teams. The two with the best record then go on to the championship game. It's actually pretty good football.

  2. Yeah I didn't know what the ULF was either. I think I'll check that out as per your description.

  3. Protoss were always my homeboys. And get to watching, that football won't watch itself!

  4. Classic SC is still the best even though it can be a pain playing it after getting used to SC2's simpler controls.