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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A post about biking and movies.

One of the things from which I derive joy is taking bike rides. I also like watching movies in the theater. So the several times a year I find myself riding out to the local theater to catch a movie are always a good number of hours of enjoyment. I always take my sweet time leaving because being late just runs in my blood, but I always make sure to leave right around an hour before the show starts to make sure I can make the ~11 mile ride without too many problems. I purchased my tickets early for the 10:30 showing from the theater's website and I ended up walking into the mall at 10:26. Perfect timing of course so I went ahead and had my water bottle topped off at the concession stand before heading into what I expected to be a packed theater. Nope, not even close. I grabbed myself a great seat and watched a film starring A Man Dressed Like A Bat, which turned out being a very enjoyable movie that I won't spoil in any way.

After sitting through the credits to the bitter end because it's a thing I do even though there was nothing after the credits of the third installment of Christopher Nolan's A Man Dressed Like A Bat, I got up and left the theater. According to the same clock I saw when I entered, it was now 1:34 in the AM. No problem I think, time to hop back on the bike path and hope I don't run into any bears, which I have an irrational fear of doing. Lucky for me there were no bears, but there was a bit of rain. It wasn't a lot of rain, so I was OK with it, but there was just enough rain to know that I had missed a bigger chunk of this storm while watching A Man Dressed Like A Bat do his thing.

Not too many minutes after starting the ride home I noticed the sky to my right occasionally lighting up. It wasn't particularly impressive till I passed the portion of the bike path that runs under the main drag, which put all those main street lights to the other side of me. It was then that the light show got a lot more interesting. From behind the trees that lined the path I could see the clouds and empty sky brighten several times in a two or three second period and it was quite a sight. The damned trees blocked most of it, but I kept riding and glancing to my right every couple of seconds trying not to miss too much of it. Right around that time I saw a very bright couple of lightning strikes just as I passed a very open area where the trees had been cleared and rows of some foodstuffs or another had been planted in the fields beyond.

The clearing had come and gone in an instant so I got off my bike and walked back to it. I killed my headlight, not that it was anywhere near bright enough to rival the lightning. I didn't see very many arcs, but there were a couple. Mostly it was the sort of lightning that just lit the clouds up in that dark red color that they get for reasons I don't know. It reminded me a lot of 4th of July fireworks; the strikes were that rapid. It must have been loud as hell where it was happening, but where I was I couldn't hear anything over the relatively quiet music of my mp3 player. After watching for a few more moments I got back on my bike and continued riding back towards home. I kept looking to the right as I went, but the storm was traveling in nearly the opposite direction I was riding so it never got any better. I still enjoyed the hell out of what I did see though.

Also, typing this out gave me an excuse to use a semicolon on the intenet! Did you see it?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tendons should stay where they belong

I've done an awful lot of biking lately. So much so that a very old injury that wasn't even an injury at the time has started bugging me. Way back in 8th grade or so the top of my foot got sliced open and I could see the tendon, but the tendon never got damaged. What does that have to do with now, you ask? Well you see, I bought a pair of nice insoles recently. They're a set of Dr Scholls arch support insoles. They worked great for the pain in the bottom of my feet and helped my posture even. They're only a half length insole though, which changed my foot's geometry and put a lot more stress on my toes. My left foot is A-OK, but my right foot, which has very old scar tissue from the slicing back in 8th grade allowed my tendon to start pushing up through my foot.

It really didn't even hurt very much and I only decided to stop wearing the insole when I noticed how red and just plain bad my foot looked in the shower last night. I was still able to take a decent ride today and I'm really not hurting at all from it, but I still wonder how the heck my foot could have gone so crazy like that just from old scar tissue being in the wrong place.

I've got it wrapped right now with that nifty single use ace bandage like stuff. I wrapped it around my foot a couple of times and I'm really quite good to go.


Ohh right, the bike ride I took today... That was to go out and see the new Spider Man movie. It was a spectacle and the effects were awesome, but the movie itself left much to be desired. I still liked seeing Dennis Leary playing a cop. He does that well. Unfortunately I wanted to slap Spider Man around something fierce just about every other minute for doing something or another stupid.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Continued heat

So I have almost completely lost my will to write since it's been so damned hot, but eel I should give an update.

  • My keys were returned to me. Some girls found them at the park. They left no info so I could not give them the reward I had offered.
  • I've been swimming and jumping a few times since the last post. I'm getting my timing down really good at the 20 foot dam. I'll be adding to my repertoire some more this year.
  • I've been biking a good amount, too. Today I took an 18+ mile ride.
  • I've been cranking away on some projects around the house including getting the 80s vintage stereo I was given all prepped for my nephew.
And now I'm back to the part where I close up this blog post and continue to put off uploading my videos. If I ever remember to bring a camera, the memory card and working batteries at the same time to Orange dam I swear I'll post something.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog balls hot

Shit, I am sweating my ass off. No post today except to say that it's hot as hell.

And that losing one's keys sucks. A LOT!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Foot problems suck

Over the last couple of days of biking nearly non stop while trying to get keys made not to mention working and cliff umping really did a number on my feet. Last night I could barely walk right at work because of it. So I spent some time, I guess you'd call it exfoliating. but I'd just call it wet sanding my feet. I spent a good portion of the time and two tubs full mostly just rubbing at my calloused feet with sandpaper. I really wish I had purchased 200 grit or better wet sanding paper or emery cloth. That would have made an easier so full at ab  time of things for me. The important thing to remember here is that my feet are no longer (quite) so covered in painful dead skin leavings.

Well, time to take off now, see you later, blagoverse.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It lives!

I just got back from the shop where my race car has been sitting since last September. and I have some fucking awesome news. IT LIVES! It's running and still has to be fine tuned so I can't take it back just yet, but soon I'll be able to. It should be done the week of July 4th. And on top of that it should cost less than $500, which is probably less than simply storing it somewhere that charges for it would have cost me. No complaints here, that's for sure. Some pics to follow just for the fuck of it.

Here's the dash and all of its useful gauges. I sure wish I had a temp gauge.

Apexi Super airflow converter, AKA that thing I fiddle with when it doesn't run right.

Profile shot of the ugly beast

And the dash.164K+ HARD miles.

I can't wait for the 4th.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

I still have to make an update about the Halifax trip, but uploading videos and all of that will have to wait till I have more time. I did want to talk about it really quick though. The trip didn't go as planned. I had hoped that my younger nephew would have been jumping from the 20-30 footers at least, but he stayed at about the 12 footer when he did jump. It wasn't the height that scared him, but the water up his nose. I know he can jump higher and we'll work on it next time.

As for Halifax itself... Since Irene hit last year it fucked Halifax all up. It looks a lot different and there are a lot of parts that are far shallower than they were. I accidentally jumped into five feet of water from a 40 foot cliff. It prettymuch totally sucked. If I didn't make a splash I'd have probably broken bones, but from that high up and it being the first jump of the year from it I know to make as shallow a jump as possible. That one thing saved my ass there, literally.

I'll be back later, bye!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


At work earlier today I had to empty the trash from the pressroom and brought out two full trash cans along with the key to the dumpster. I didn't need the key because the lock wasn't there, but when I opened the dumpster up I heard an odd noise coming from within. I looked down and saw a little squirrel running around in circles. The dumpster, which is pretty tall, was nearly empty. As such the squirrel tried to climb up and out of the dumpster only to slip down the metal sides time and time again. I did my best to help the poor critter by piling all of the new trash up onto one corner, but the little bugger still couldn't make his way out. I walked over to the stack of wooden pallets, grabbed one of the smallish ones and walked back to the dumpster. Then I went ahead and put that into the dumpster up the same corner I had dumped the trash and backed away from the dumpster a few steps. A few moments later the squirrel climbed right up to the top of the pallet and out of the container. He sort of looked at me a bit then jumped down to the pavement below. He did a couple of squirrelish  loops and spins before finally darting off into the trees going up the hill beyond the building.

He was such a cute little bastard. I really wish I had my camera with me when that happened. A video of his silly antics would have been priceless.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Repeat playlist, repeat folder, repeat track

There are few songs I can listen to and immediately hit the back button so I can listen to them again. Recently though I've added two more tracks to that list. Ra's The Only One is the first. I really like it when a band/artist makes a good or popular song and then later on borrows a line or two for that song for their next good/popular track. Machine Head did it with A Nation on Fire's "Take my hand across this land" and Ra do it with "So you just sit there stuck, afraid to risk reality", pulled from their biggest hit Do You Call My Name. That's all well and good, but the song itself has a very cool groove to it on top of that. It's the kind of song that if it doesn't get your feet moving at least once or twice the fault is yours, not the song's. That groove combines with Sahaj Ticotin's vocal wizardry and range to really pull you into it. Or at least it pulls me into it. Twice in a row and now I'm up to the third time today. Good song, end of story.

The second song to get added to the list is Lamb of God's King Me, the final track off their new album Resolution. It starts out rather mellow and slowly builds upon itself  it's almost at the point of a typical intro then slams in with a heavy orchestral string section. Every time I hear that I always picture the band in concert, lights low then as the strings kick in the lights flood the pit. Rather than a mosh pit exploding as one would expect it's filled with an actual orchestra, which yeah, belongs in a pit just as well. After the orchestral it mellows right back out till the next blast of strings. Following the second coming of the viomolins and cellos though the metal section of the song starts properly. It doesn't disappoint. I've always felt that violins,cellos and double basses fit in with metal just as well as any other instrument considering the technical complexity of both classical music and most metal. I'm one of the few people who enjoyed Metallica's S&M, but I knew it could be done better and King Me definitely proves that. Give it a shot if you'd like.

In other news I should be leaping off of cliffs in about 8-10 hours. There will be pics and video to follow at a later date.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Haven't forgotten

Yeah, I know. I've been meaning to post here, but I haven't yet. I've even got an idea for a good one, but I've been tired lately. I'll get to it soon, no worries.

One quick update though. I saw a fuck all hueg deer on one of my rides last week. It was pretty cool.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Not just a ride today

I just got back from a nearly 30 mile ride. I didn't just ride around though. My first stop was about 7 miles in at the Taco Derp. I grabbed a pair of soft tacos slathered in volcano sauce. I also topped off my water bottle twice. Once to drink with the tacos and again for the next leg of the ride.

From the Derp I continues on the bike path for another few miles till I reached the dam. I did several jumps off of the dam into water that was MUCH warmer than it was a week ago. No nut freezing at all this time. It was rather nice. I think I did maybe two or three dives and the rest were back flips. I like doing back flips the best because they're freakin' cake and people seem to be impressed with them.

After the dam stop I headed up the hills a bit to my sister's house. I actually had to get off of my bike because the hill was too steep. I was more than 3/4 of the way up it before I did so, but I still feel like a bit of a failure for doing so. I chilled at my sister's place for the better part of an hour then headed home. The last leg went fast because I was coming down all those hills I went up and it seemed like even the flat parts were sloped down a bit because I rarely took it off of the big gear up front.

All in all though I guess I'm happy with my performance. I think that if I'd encountered that one hill by the 5th or so mile, rather than at the 16th I'd have been able to make it all the way up it. I did after all make the climb up 141 just a couple of days ago and that hill is literally a mile long. This one was maybe half that, but much steeper. Not that 141 is a cake walk either, it's still an 8% grade, but this one was just enough more that it kicked my ass. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be able to make this same ride much quicker and go right up that hill without stopping.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Corporate shill time once again

Preface: No really,  no one is paying me to say this shit:

I've been trying to lose some weight for a while now and I really don't know how it's going. The first five pounds was easy, but the next 50, that's being a problem. I'll never meet my goal however if I keep going to D'angelo's for grinders. (For those of you not in western New England I'm taking about subs, hoagies, heroes and other large sandwiches.) Just looking over the website tells me that quite a few of their sandwiches fulfill one's daily requirement of several different things at once. And one of their sandwiches, I can't recall which one, gives you more than 200% of your daily intake of sodium.Yowza!

Now you'd think that just reading that would make a person run the other direction, but here's the thing. They've got this one sandwich called the Thanksgiving Toasted. It is exactly what you expect it to be. Open the fridge the day after thanksgiving, reach in and slap a bunch of the shit you find onto a toasted grinder roll (I choose wheat, how health conscious of me) then add two little cups full of warm gravy and devour.

Check out this tasty mofo!

Does this not look like an awesome sandwich? It's got everything you need in a sandwich. Mayo, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a side of gravy. Now the picture here shows the gravy already on the sandwich, but that's just a suggestion and if you ask me it's the wrong one. Don't dump your gravy willy nilly. What you've got to do is open the container and just dip the sandwich in as you go.The gravy stays warmer longer and every bite you take is freshly prepared with its gravy. By the time you get to the end of the sandwich you won't be left with soggy gravy bread. Not that this particular point matters all the much. Trust me, the sandwich won't last long enough for it to even think about getting soggy.

And this is why I will never lose all the weight I intend to lose. Why does everything that's good have to be fattening. And why does everything that's good for me have to taste like cardboard by comparison?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stuff what crossed my eyes this week

Here is a short and certainly incomplete list of stuff I've seen this week while biking, and possibly while doing other things:

-About 7000 chipmunks
-An amount of squirrels roughly half the total of chipmunks
-Four really fat squirrels
-A goddamned bear cub
-A curious lack of mother bears
-A Phillips head screw driver (small)
-Many pieces of the driver side front window motor assembly from a Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC-V
-A properly functioning driver side front window motor assembly from a Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC-V
-A Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC-V driver side front window, in both up and down positions
-A really damned bright bicycle headlight
-The relocation to another bike of a less bright bicycle headlight
-Far too many road constructions
-Far FAR too many police (mostly at these road constructions)
-One REALLY stupid new road construction that achieves nothing but wasting about five or six feet of perfectly usable road width
-Many shapely asses, mostly clad in short shorts (I love spring time)
-A 1942 penny, sporting wheat grains on the tails side
-An as yet unused shower head
-Teflon thread tape for the above
-A box of Rice Krispies Treats cereal (mostly empty)

And this has been the week my eyes have had. Not a bad week, if you ask me.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother Nature is a giant gaping cunt

I felt like seeing The Avengers today. I also felt like getting in a ride. The theater is only a touch over 11 miles from home so the plan was to kill two birds with one stone by riding to the movies. I checked three different weather sites to see how it was going to be. Two of the three said it was going to start raining well into the movie, so if I felt the need I could just take the bus home from the movie while the third said it was already raining despite the fact that it obviously wasn't. Encouraged by this I went ahead and hopped on my bike.

By the time I was out of the driveway it was already sprinkling. Whatever I won't let a little mist stop me. I continued on and get to the bike path in under five minutes. The rain had started properly by this point, but it still wasn't a bad sort of rain. Fuck it, I can ride through this I thought and went ahead with the plan. Not five minutes later it had started to downpour properly and I also realized I forgot my keys, so I wouldn't be able to lock my bike up when I got there. Fuck it, plan derailed. I'll just hit the store for some dinner foods. On the way to the store the rain continued to get harder and I was glad when I finally went through the front door.

Inside I stalked the aisles, dripping rain everywhere I went. I checked the soups. Nothing interested me. The prepared foods were almost gone and non were my thing anyhow so I grabbed a prepackaged meatload dinner with a side of garlic mashed. Along the way I hit the frozen food section for another couple of nights worth of dinner. Adding a loaf of bread I figured that was enough and checked out.

I headed to the door and dropped my receipt into the little thing they have there that contributes 5 cents to the cause of your choice for every receipt put into the box. Unsurprisingly my cause of choice is the rail trail box because yay, biking. When I got outside the rain had gotten even harder than it was when I arrived, so I gave it a few minutes to lighten up. Not a chance of that, if anything it got worse, so my impatient side said "fuck it" and I took off. All over again I got soaked through and miserable, but wouldn't you know it... right when I turned onto the side street that would ultimately lead me home (this being less than a half mile from home) the rain halted. That was 20 minutes ago and the rain has yet to return.

So fuck off, Mother Nature. You're a cunt of the highest order.;

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The bikes have returned

Hooray the bikes are done. I picked them up from Joe's Garage yesterday morning and gave my nephew's bike back to him. He can't ride it yet because of his broken collar bone, but he'll be on it soon I'm sure. Mine is sitting downstairs and that's alright with me. I'll be taking it out in just a moment. I was quite happy with the prices of the tune ups considering all they did to them. Both bikes got all new cabling for brakes and shifters, his bike got new tires front and back and mine got new brakes for the back. I could swear mine got something else too, but I can't remember what. All that went along with the usual stuff like adjusting the shifting, lubing stuff, truing the wheels and all around making the bike good for the coming season. I think I'll be going back there, but of course I'm going to test ride the bike first and find out just how good a job they did.

And with that, I'm off like a prom dress.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The occasional whining post

The only thing worse than having to work an extra two hours unexpectedly is knowing you're not going to earn overtime for it.

More suck: I have to fix my damned car and it's raining. I guess the car fixing will have to wait. Maybe I can use that time to pick up my new shoes. Oh wait, no I can't because they aren't open yet.

I swear I'll have more and better stuff to write about next time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I want my bike back!

So the bike is at the shop.

And I want to ride. NOW!

On further reflection I should have taken the bikes to the shop one at a time. I could be riding mine or my nephew's bike right now, but instead I'm sitting at the computer typing this up. I did do something exercise related earlier though. I did 20 sit ups and 40 push ups while listening to the metal/rock related music choice channels. I did them in sets. 10 sit ups at a whack and 20 push ups at a whack. Being a fat guy with relatively strong arms I can do a decent amount of push ups, but just plain suck at sit ups. I don't like them either. I do this thing I accidentally discovered as well. I lay flat on my back and raise my upper body a little bit with my abs then try to hold myself there. If I do it just right my abs begin to twitch. I remember doing it at work last year when waiting for the press to wash up before taking the plates off. There I can lay down on the platforms in such a way as to stretch my back out. I do that occasionally when my back is bothering me. While doing that I think "hey, may as well do that weird plyometric thing with my abs" I remember that after a week or two of doing it at work my abs were noticeably more firm. I'm pretty sure I was skinnier back then though. And now we do other stuff while the machine is washing up, so I don't have as much chance to get it in while waiting for the press to wash up like I used to.

Aside: For a fat guy I sure do make a lot of posts about exercise. Maybe next time I'll make one about Everybody Edits or some other game I play.

Later, blogland.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Keeping it going

I took another ride today. It was actually the same ride as yesterday, but in reverse. I think the route is better this way. Yesterday I only rode the flats for a little bit before it started going all up and down. Today the first half of the ride was by and large very flat and the ups and downs got thrown in towards the end when I was already warmed up with the final mile and a half being nice and flat for a good cool down. I actually ended up going about half a mile farther today because there was traffic in the way making me miss my road. I just hooked the next left and went around the block and home.

In a little bit I'm going to be taking off, in the car this time, to steal my nephew's bike. Then I'll be taking his and mine to the bike shop to get them tuned up. He won't be using his for a bit due to his broken collar bone, so it's really the best time to do it.

Well, time to bolt once again. The shower awaits.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exercise is good

I've been attempting to lose the extra weight I gathered over the winter, mostly by biking. I'll be taking off on a nine mile ride of mostly flat roads as soon as I'm done posting this. Yesterday I took a shorter ride, but a decent portion of that was on a dirt road traveling up the easier side of the mountain. I think I may enjoy today's ride better though because I always like taking the bike paths and have planned a portion of the ride to go over a bit of the bike path I'm 99.99% sure is all finished and opened, but the gmap-pedometer is still convinced isn't passable. Then again, it still thinks that the new bridge that was finished last year isn't a bike/running route either. So I guess I should bump my assumption up to 100%, but hey, I haven't been there yet this year. For all I know a crater could have formed like it did on that other chunk of bike path a year or two ago.

So that's the plan, and I'm going to bring this here blog entry to a close so I can go through with it. I also want to make sure I leave early enough that I get home in time for that pony show because Suited for Success is on at 8 this morning and Art of the Dress is the best damned song that FiM has put out yet.

Later, blog world.

Edit: Yup, the path goes that far. It's where the path begins/ends.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick update

Despite my efforts to educate the masses on moshing I've failed in a way. I went and accidentally broke my nephew while we were in the pit. We used to weigh about the same as few as 6-9 months ago with both of us hovering around 250. I was always a little more, maybe 5-10 pounds. The winter was not kind to me and I rocketed up to 285ish due to poor diet and depression. Meanwhile he dropped a bunch of weight and is about 190. So when we lined up and charged at each other as we usually do at least once a show, instead of us just bouncing off of each other and having a laugh about it I kinda sorta broke his collar bone. It must've just been the perfect hit because he never even fell down or anything, but the bone snapped in half. Nevertheless if he hadn't lost so much weight I'm sure he would have still had enough muscle and fat in the shoulder region to deflect the force of the blow and we never would have had to leave the show.

This incident, coupled with one from last summer has convinced me that I should no longer do this sort of thing. At least not to people I know personally. Unless of course we're both of about the same build.

There have been other developments, but I'm going to leave them for another time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moshing 101

I'm going to be seeing American Head Charge this weekend so I thought I'd revive my blog by making a post about it. I haven't seen AHC live since Ozzfest 2001 so I'm rather stoked about it. I though I'd have a little fun here by making a post about the methods of moshing. I'm going to break it down into two parts because I feel it works best this way. Those parts are, for lack of better terms, offense and defense. I'll start with offense because it's the most fun.

The basics of offensive moshing are that you want to be as effective as possible while lowering your own likelihood of injury. So I guess the first rule is don't be stupid. If you see a hardcore dancer being lame and fighting invisible ninjas don't get in the way of the spikey bracelets he's wearing on his wrists and try not to get kicked in the junk. Instead try either throwing yourself at him from a different angle or throw someone else at him because he's a hardcore dancer so he needs to be taken out.

As for basic styles of moshing, it's best to use a visual aid, so here's Sick of it all's music video for Step Down.

That's not everything, but of all of those my favorites are the windmill and the pickin' up change.

Sometimes you're at a show with friends so while on offense it's fun to team up. The most basic of these it to whip your friend out into the pit by hand. Stand at the edge of the pit with you in back and your friend directly in front of you with a few inches between the two of you. hold one hand to the center of his back at slightly below shoulder height and put your other hand on the back of that hand. Then just launch him forward by straightening out your arms. If you put your legs and back into it it's a lot more effective.

Another fun one to do with a friend is the spin up. You should each face each other then hold arms by clasping your hands around his wrists and he does the same to you. You should be holding his left wrist with your left hand and ditto for right to right. If done properly your arms should cross in the middle. Now spin yourselves trying to orbit around a point between the two of you. If you're both of similar weight this should be easy. The fun really starts if you're not of equal weight. If there is a small difference in weights the lighter person will orbit farther from the center than the heavy person giving the heavier person an object (the lighter person) to aim at people as you two move about the pit. If there is a significant difference in weight there's a chance that the heavier person will be able to use the centrifugal force to lift the lighter person right off of the ground. Once this happens the heavier person has the opportunity to use the lighter person as a sort of buzz saw and cut through other moshers as well as the crowd around the pit. This one is a blast and one of my favorite things to do at a show.

Ok, enough about offense, let's talk defense. The most important thing to remember here is to be aware of your surroundings. If you're at bigger shows and festivals you might be at the edge of the pit facing in and be completely oblivious to another mosh pit directly behind you. I can't tell you how many times I've been nailed in the back by someone coming from another pit, but it's enough to remember it and pass along that info. When you're at the edge of a pit you may want to put both arms out with fists forward to protect yourself, but this is actually a bad way to do it. What you should do is similar to what you would do to launch a friend onto the pit. Make a fist. I'm right handed so I make that fist with my left hand. Then put your other hand on the back of that fist. your thumb and forefinger should be at your other wrist. Then put your arms out to an almost straight position. This is important. If someone runs into your arms while they're fully straight out there's a chance your elbow will bend backwards instead of the way it's supposed to bend. Keeping your elbows bent will prevent this. If a person comes towards you at speed use your legs and back to cushion his landing on your outstretched fist. Then if you feel like it, after leaning back a bit go ahead and launch him just the way you would launch a friend. Try to aim for some hardcore dancers or emofags.

I'm going to share a secret with you here. The best method for breaking up a spin up. Some people when they spin up will just stay in the same place and spin for a good while. This makes them an easy target. Stand facing them, but slightly off center to them in such a way that the people spinning spin towards you instead of away. That is, stand to the right if they're spinning clockwise and to the left if they're spinning counterclockwise. If you get the timing just right you can launch yourself at a tangent to their circle and strike one of them directly. If you do this correctly they'll just sort of explode and go flying. It's great fun.

Well, alrighty. I've had fun writing this, but it's gone on for a long while so I'm going to wrap it up. Happy moshing.