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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Really? I'm still being read?

So I noticed that my blog is still getting a bit of traffic despite the fact that I don't really post anymore. I think I'm going to start posting again in that case.

Maybe if I start talking about the various games I'm playing I'll stick with them. This time it'll be about FEAR2 because as always I'm behind the times so I figure now that FEAR3 is out I'll finally make my way through FEAR2. I tired FEAR2 a few months back, but quite because I tried it on the hard difficulty right off the bat and that was dumb. I'm only a few missions in right now on normal, but there haven't been any points where it's all but impossible yet. I'm pretty sure I'm already farther than I was on hard and can't even remember which part was the one that stopped me before.

Ok, well, as I said this talk is making me want to play, so I shall continue this one later.