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Friday, October 29, 2010

That post about cover bands

Well, sorry my post here is late. I was freakin dead tired last night so I went to bed pretty early.

So, cover bands. What the hell is going on here? If I want to see "The ultimate Metallica experience" or whatever am I going to grab myself some tickets for a band called The Harvesters of Sorrow or am I gonna find myself some tickets to, ohh I don't know, a Metallica show? Something tells me that the ultimate Metallica experience isn't going to take place on a ten foot wide stage at the local dive bar, so I'll go with the actual band. The only way a band who's not the original can really claim to be the ultimate experience of any band is if said original band no longer exists. And even then I still think there should be a disclaimer of some sort. Ohh and I guess cover bands for bands that still exist could use disclaimers, too. The ultimate Metallica experience for under $15 sounds more likely than the actual ultimate experience.

I suppose there are some good points to cover bands though. If it weren't for cover bands Ripper Owens may have never gotten to front Judas Priest for the time he did. How cool must that have been for him? Going from a cover band of Judas Priest to fronting the real thing and touring the world. Then there's the one cover band CD I actually own. I was wandering the aisles of Best Buy one day and a funny looking version of Metallica's black album caught my eye. I looked at it closer and saw that instead of a snake coiled on the cover it was a banjo. And the CD was called Fade To Bluegrass. How could I not buy that? As it turns out it was actually pretty cool and the band covered songs from all over Metallica's timeline.. I didn't like the song Unforgiven, but the version by Iron Horse (that's the band that made Fade To Bluegrass) was actually pretty good. It was upbeat sounding with a faster tempo.

So, final word. Sure some good things can happen with cover bands, but for every time it does you'll get ten bands that are mediocre, outright suck or just shouldn't exist and another that REALLY sucks. That's why for the most part cover bands should go suck a dick. Except for The Iron Maidens (an all girl Iron Maiden cover band, who by the way are pretty decent). They should suck MY dick. Especially the bassist!


  1. Duly noted. I will keep this in mind. I don't often go to Concerts of any kind but I appreciate the info.