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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exercise is good

I've been attempting to lose the extra weight I gathered over the winter, mostly by biking. I'll be taking off on a nine mile ride of mostly flat roads as soon as I'm done posting this. Yesterday I took a shorter ride, but a decent portion of that was on a dirt road traveling up the easier side of the mountain. I think I may enjoy today's ride better though because I always like taking the bike paths and have planned a portion of the ride to go over a bit of the bike path I'm 99.99% sure is all finished and opened, but the gmap-pedometer is still convinced isn't passable. Then again, it still thinks that the new bridge that was finished last year isn't a bike/running route either. So I guess I should bump my assumption up to 100%, but hey, I haven't been there yet this year. For all I know a crater could have formed like it did on that other chunk of bike path a year or two ago.

So that's the plan, and I'm going to bring this here blog entry to a close so I can go through with it. I also want to make sure I leave early enough that I get home in time for that pony show because Suited for Success is on at 8 this morning and Art of the Dress is the best damned song that FiM has put out yet.

Later, blog world.

Edit: Yup, the path goes that far. It's where the path begins/ends.

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