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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Repeat playlist, repeat folder, repeat track

There are few songs I can listen to and immediately hit the back button so I can listen to them again. Recently though I've added two more tracks to that list. Ra's The Only One is the first. I really like it when a band/artist makes a good or popular song and then later on borrows a line or two for that song for their next good/popular track. Machine Head did it with A Nation on Fire's "Take my hand across this land" and Ra do it with "So you just sit there stuck, afraid to risk reality", pulled from their biggest hit Do You Call My Name. That's all well and good, but the song itself has a very cool groove to it on top of that. It's the kind of song that if it doesn't get your feet moving at least once or twice the fault is yours, not the song's. That groove combines with Sahaj Ticotin's vocal wizardry and range to really pull you into it. Or at least it pulls me into it. Twice in a row and now I'm up to the third time today. Good song, end of story.

The second song to get added to the list is Lamb of God's King Me, the final track off their new album Resolution. It starts out rather mellow and slowly builds upon itself  it's almost at the point of a typical intro then slams in with a heavy orchestral string section. Every time I hear that I always picture the band in concert, lights low then as the strings kick in the lights flood the pit. Rather than a mosh pit exploding as one would expect it's filled with an actual orchestra, which yeah, belongs in a pit just as well. After the orchestral it mellows right back out till the next blast of strings. Following the second coming of the viomolins and cellos though the metal section of the song starts properly. It doesn't disappoint. I've always felt that violins,cellos and double basses fit in with metal just as well as any other instrument considering the technical complexity of both classical music and most metal. I'm one of the few people who enjoyed Metallica's S&M, but I knew it could be done better and King Me definitely proves that. Give it a shot if you'd like.

In other news I should be leaping off of cliffs in about 8-10 hours. There will be pics and video to follow at a later date.

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