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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother Nature is a giant gaping cunt

I felt like seeing The Avengers today. I also felt like getting in a ride. The theater is only a touch over 11 miles from home so the plan was to kill two birds with one stone by riding to the movies. I checked three different weather sites to see how it was going to be. Two of the three said it was going to start raining well into the movie, so if I felt the need I could just take the bus home from the movie while the third said it was already raining despite the fact that it obviously wasn't. Encouraged by this I went ahead and hopped on my bike.

By the time I was out of the driveway it was already sprinkling. Whatever I won't let a little mist stop me. I continued on and get to the bike path in under five minutes. The rain had started properly by this point, but it still wasn't a bad sort of rain. Fuck it, I can ride through this I thought and went ahead with the plan. Not five minutes later it had started to downpour properly and I also realized I forgot my keys, so I wouldn't be able to lock my bike up when I got there. Fuck it, plan derailed. I'll just hit the store for some dinner foods. On the way to the store the rain continued to get harder and I was glad when I finally went through the front door.

Inside I stalked the aisles, dripping rain everywhere I went. I checked the soups. Nothing interested me. The prepared foods were almost gone and non were my thing anyhow so I grabbed a prepackaged meatload dinner with a side of garlic mashed. Along the way I hit the frozen food section for another couple of nights worth of dinner. Adding a loaf of bread I figured that was enough and checked out.

I headed to the door and dropped my receipt into the little thing they have there that contributes 5 cents to the cause of your choice for every receipt put into the box. Unsurprisingly my cause of choice is the rail trail box because yay, biking. When I got outside the rain had gotten even harder than it was when I arrived, so I gave it a few minutes to lighten up. Not a chance of that, if anything it got worse, so my impatient side said "fuck it" and I took off. All over again I got soaked through and miserable, but wouldn't you know it... right when I turned onto the side street that would ultimately lead me home (this being less than a half mile from home) the rain halted. That was 20 minutes ago and the rain has yet to return.

So fuck off, Mother Nature. You're a cunt of the highest order.;

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  1. And yet I still feel that "The Avengers" was less than I expected. Biking through the rain is fun with the 3D glasses. I think...