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Monday, July 9, 2012

Tendons should stay where they belong

I've done an awful lot of biking lately. So much so that a very old injury that wasn't even an injury at the time has started bugging me. Way back in 8th grade or so the top of my foot got sliced open and I could see the tendon, but the tendon never got damaged. What does that have to do with now, you ask? Well you see, I bought a pair of nice insoles recently. They're a set of Dr Scholls arch support insoles. They worked great for the pain in the bottom of my feet and helped my posture even. They're only a half length insole though, which changed my foot's geometry and put a lot more stress on my toes. My left foot is A-OK, but my right foot, which has very old scar tissue from the slicing back in 8th grade allowed my tendon to start pushing up through my foot.

It really didn't even hurt very much and I only decided to stop wearing the insole when I noticed how red and just plain bad my foot looked in the shower last night. I was still able to take a decent ride today and I'm really not hurting at all from it, but I still wonder how the heck my foot could have gone so crazy like that just from old scar tissue being in the wrong place.

I've got it wrapped right now with that nifty single use ace bandage like stuff. I wrapped it around my foot a couple of times and I'm really quite good to go.


Ohh right, the bike ride I took today... That was to go out and see the new Spider Man movie. It was a spectacle and the effects were awesome, but the movie itself left much to be desired. I still liked seeing Dennis Leary playing a cop. He does that well. Unfortunately I wanted to slap Spider Man around something fierce just about every other minute for doing something or another stupid.

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