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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I want my bike back!

So the bike is at the shop.

And I want to ride. NOW!

On further reflection I should have taken the bikes to the shop one at a time. I could be riding mine or my nephew's bike right now, but instead I'm sitting at the computer typing this up. I did do something exercise related earlier though. I did 20 sit ups and 40 push ups while listening to the metal/rock related music choice channels. I did them in sets. 10 sit ups at a whack and 20 push ups at a whack. Being a fat guy with relatively strong arms I can do a decent amount of push ups, but just plain suck at sit ups. I don't like them either. I do this thing I accidentally discovered as well. I lay flat on my back and raise my upper body a little bit with my abs then try to hold myself there. If I do it just right my abs begin to twitch. I remember doing it at work last year when waiting for the press to wash up before taking the plates off. There I can lay down on the platforms in such a way as to stretch my back out. I do that occasionally when my back is bothering me. While doing that I think "hey, may as well do that weird plyometric thing with my abs" I remember that after a week or two of doing it at work my abs were noticeably more firm. I'm pretty sure I was skinnier back then though. And now we do other stuff while the machine is washing up, so I don't have as much chance to get it in while waiting for the press to wash up like I used to.

Aside: For a fat guy I sure do make a lot of posts about exercise. Maybe next time I'll make one about Everybody Edits or some other game I play.

Later, blogland.

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