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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick update

Despite my efforts to educate the masses on moshing I've failed in a way. I went and accidentally broke my nephew while we were in the pit. We used to weigh about the same as few as 6-9 months ago with both of us hovering around 250. I was always a little more, maybe 5-10 pounds. The winter was not kind to me and I rocketed up to 285ish due to poor diet and depression. Meanwhile he dropped a bunch of weight and is about 190. So when we lined up and charged at each other as we usually do at least once a show, instead of us just bouncing off of each other and having a laugh about it I kinda sorta broke his collar bone. It must've just been the perfect hit because he never even fell down or anything, but the bone snapped in half. Nevertheless if he hadn't lost so much weight I'm sure he would have still had enough muscle and fat in the shoulder region to deflect the force of the blow and we never would have had to leave the show.

This incident, coupled with one from last summer has convinced me that I should no longer do this sort of thing. At least not to people I know personally. Unless of course we're both of about the same build.

There have been other developments, but I'm going to leave them for another time.

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