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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I still have to make an update about the Halifax trip, but uploading videos and all of that will have to wait till I have more time. I did want to talk about it really quick though. The trip didn't go as planned. I had hoped that my younger nephew would have been jumping from the 20-30 footers at least, but he stayed at about the 12 footer when he did jump. It wasn't the height that scared him, but the water up his nose. I know he can jump higher and we'll work on it next time.

As for Halifax itself... Since Irene hit last year it fucked Halifax all up. It looks a lot different and there are a lot of parts that are far shallower than they were. I accidentally jumped into five feet of water from a 40 foot cliff. It prettymuch totally sucked. If I didn't make a splash I'd have probably broken bones, but from that high up and it being the first jump of the year from it I know to make as shallow a jump as possible. That one thing saved my ass there, literally.

I'll be back later, bye!

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