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Friday, July 6, 2012

Continued heat

So I have almost completely lost my will to write since it's been so damned hot, but eel I should give an update.

  • My keys were returned to me. Some girls found them at the park. They left no info so I could not give them the reward I had offered.
  • I've been swimming and jumping a few times since the last post. I'm getting my timing down really good at the 20 foot dam. I'll be adding to my repertoire some more this year.
  • I've been biking a good amount, too. Today I took an 18+ mile ride.
  • I've been cranking away on some projects around the house including getting the 80s vintage stereo I was given all prepped for my nephew.
And now I'm back to the part where I close up this blog post and continue to put off uploading my videos. If I ever remember to bring a camera, the memory card and working batteries at the same time to Orange dam I swear I'll post something.

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