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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


At work earlier today I had to empty the trash from the pressroom and brought out two full trash cans along with the key to the dumpster. I didn't need the key because the lock wasn't there, but when I opened the dumpster up I heard an odd noise coming from within. I looked down and saw a little squirrel running around in circles. The dumpster, which is pretty tall, was nearly empty. As such the squirrel tried to climb up and out of the dumpster only to slip down the metal sides time and time again. I did my best to help the poor critter by piling all of the new trash up onto one corner, but the little bugger still couldn't make his way out. I walked over to the stack of wooden pallets, grabbed one of the smallish ones and walked back to the dumpster. Then I went ahead and put that into the dumpster up the same corner I had dumped the trash and backed away from the dumpster a few steps. A few moments later the squirrel climbed right up to the top of the pallet and out of the container. He sort of looked at me a bit then jumped down to the pavement below. He did a couple of squirrelish  loops and spins before finally darting off into the trees going up the hill beyond the building.

He was such a cute little bastard. I really wish I had my camera with me when that happened. A video of his silly antics would have been priceless.

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