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Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Gear U.S. edition

So I just finished watching the new Top Gear on the History channel. The show definitely has some potential. I don't know is Adam Ferrara was the right choice as one of the hosts, but he does seem to like his cars, so I'll give him a shot. As for the other two, Rutland (or however it's spelled) is a goofy name, but he seems like a pretty cool guy. The third guy, whose name I can't seem to remember at the moment also seemed like he could be interesting.

The first challenge was somewhat original. It was a race around town in a Viper while trying to keep away from an AH Cobra attack chopper. The chopper's objective was to get a missile lock on the Viper and kill it three times. Obviously no real missile were used, but it was pretty funny watching how flustered the guys in the car were when the third light lit up telling them they were toast.

The renamed the star in a reasonably priced car to "Big star, small car". I mean sure, it's descriptive, but if you're going to keep the weird challenges from the original, three goofy guys as host, The Allman Brothers' Jessica as the theme song and even get your own Stig why not keep the name of the celebrity segment the same? Eh, whatever. They had Buzz Aldrin on. Astronauts are just plain cool, so I was happy with that.

So I guess what I'm saying is that this show has some definite potential and I hope it sticks around. And I have no doubt it will. Does the History channel ever cancel anything?


  1. you are one of my favourite blogers

  2. i heard about this show, i meant to watch it when it premiered

  3. cool, i watch the uk version i'll try catch this one to compare the two.

  4. I never liked top gear, but I was never really a serious car person.

  5. Crap crap crap I missed it! I love the original Top Gear