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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random music silliness.

In the song Pepper by the Butthole Surfers there is mention of a football player rapist. This brings up several questions in my mind. First off are they referring to a football player who rapes people or a person who only rapes football players? If it's the later why choose to only rape football players? There are easier targets, many of them. Is this some guy who wants to show how badass he is by only raping football players? In the song it calls this person the ever present football player rapist, which makes me wonder how he'd have the chance to be alone with his victims if he's always around. I assume he'd have more company too. Did he just wait till it was dark so all the people around couldn't see who was doing all the raping? Ok, I think I've gone off on that one enough.

And now, concerning the song Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. How the hell did Robert Plant convince the rest of the band to do a song about his penis? I could just picture Jimmy Page reading the lyrics and coming up the part where he talks about giving "every inch of his love" and he'd just stop reading, look Robert Plant square in the eyes and say "Is this thing all about your penis, eh?" and Robert Plant getting all defensive.

JP: Well, then, what is it about then?
RP: Well, it's just another song about a hot chick, we do plenty of those. It just so happens that this hot chick has my penis in her.
JP: I still don't want to do a song about your penis.
RP: Next album we can do one about your penis.
JP: I don't want a song about my penis.
RP: We could do a song about your spleen then.
JP: Now that sounds better.
(And that's where Stairway to Heaven came from. It's actually all about Jimmy Page's spleen.)


  1. That is an excellent explanation.
    Now give us an interpretation of "Wienerschnitzel" by The Descendants. -_-

  2. that was pretty cool, interesting stuff dude

  3. As soon as I read Pepper by Butthole Surfers I got my iPod and started listening to them. I forget how much I enjoy them. I just saw them live not too long ago. It was fun.

  4. Haha oh no, now every freaking time I hear Stairway to Heaven I will think that it's about his spleen. URGH!

  5. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one