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Monday, September 20, 2010

So a guy I don't really know too well died.

At work today I just happened to notice the obits page of the paper and I recognized someone. It was one of the local DJs. The guy was only 28. Man, I stil wonder what the fuck happened. Poor bastard. He seemed like an OK guy the few times I talked to him. He thought a bit highly of himself, but he did have the brains to back it up so I didn't hold it against him.

People who are younger than me should not be dying. Stop that.

And you, reader, if you're less than 32, don't go dying on me just yet mmm'kay?


  1. It's a weird feeling. Someone who I'd met like two times in the past died a few weeks back. I couldn't really feel sad as I barely knew him, but both times I did he was pretty cool. Was weird to think I'd never have the chance to hang out with him again.

  2. Tough shit. I'm an heroing unless you F5 bomb my blog.

  3. Always sad when some1 dies man, even if you dont know him that well.. :(

  4. It's strange, i don't tend to be phased when people die, not family or friends. I guess I've just come to accept that it happens.

  5. It's an odd feeling when someone you don't know too well dies. Not as odd when someone you actually know dies. But it's like you knew them just enough to have a reaction when they died.